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November 16

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1852  Maximilian von Frey was born. Frey provided the first comprehensive information about the cutaneous senses. He confirmed the existence of locations for heat, cold, pressure, and pain reception and studied differential sensitivities to each. He suggested a sensory receptor for each modality but later work showed these identifications to be incorrect. 
1881  The trial of Charles Guiteau, assassin of President James Garfield, began. Guiteau's insanity defense was a cause célèbre of the day. Eight experts testified that he was insane. Fifteen others testified that he was sane, despite Guiteau's assertion that the murder was justified because God had ordered him to do it. Guiteau had been refused an appointment to a federal patronage position following Garfield's election in 1880. 
1884  Rudolf Pintner was born. Pintner combined interests in mental measurements and education of people with disabilities. His performance assessment measures supplied half of the items of the World War I Army Beta Test. 
1905  Addressing the general assembly of the Société Libre Pour L'Étude Psychologique de L'Enfant (Society for the Psychological Study of Children), Alfred Binet announced the founding of the Laboratory of Experimental Pedagogy, the first laboratory school in Europe. The school was in Paris, on the rue Grange-aux-belles. On June 5, 1971, a commemorative placque was placed on the school at rue Claude Vellefaux, which had replaced the original lab school. 
1920  Dorothea Jameson was born. Jameson, with Leo Hurvich, has been responsible for pioneering experiments on color vision and optics. Jameson was the third woman psychologist elected to the National Academy of Sciences (1975). Society of Experimental Psychologists Warren Medal, 1971; APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1972. 
1932  Edwin G. Boring completed the foreword to his book The Physical Dimensions of Consciousness
1991  The first full meeting of the APA's Task Force on the Feminization of Psychology was held in Washington, DC.The nine-person committee, headed by Dorothy Cantor, considered issues associated with an increasing proportion of women graduates from doctoral programs in psychology. In 1984, 50.1% of new psychologists were women and the proportion has continued to grow. 



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