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March 16

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1911  The trial of U.S. v. 40 Barrels and 20 Kegs of Coca-Cola began. The trial featured evidence from now-classic studies by Harry Hollingworth of the effects of caffeine on mental functions. Hollingworth began his research on February 3, 1911, and testified on March 27, 1911. The court acquitted Coca-Cola on June 13, 1914. Hollingworth was president of the APA in 1927. 
1937  Amos Tversky was born. Tversky's interests have included the analysis of psychological measurement and the nature of cognitive heuristics governing behavioral choice. Tversky worked with Daniel Kahneman to develop prospect theory. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1982. 
1960  George A. Miller, Eugene Galanter, and Karl H. Pribram's Plans and the Structure of Behavior was published. 
1980  The first grants were made from the APA's Psychology Defense Fund. The grants assisted psychologists in Hutchinson v. Proxmire, Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists v. Virginia Blue Cross-Blue Shield, and in the state of Alaska, where sunset legislation had terminated the state board of psychological examiners. 



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