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February 25

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1883  Herbert Woodrow was born. Woodrow's interests were in developmental and clinical psychology, with special attention given to individual differences in mental abilities. APA President, 1941. 
1916  Uriel G. Foa was born. Foa was instrumental in developing social exchange theory, based on evidence that social behavior is shaped by the exchange of tangible and intangible resources. 
1919  Karl H. Pribram was born. Pribram's extensive work in physiological psychology has advanced a theory relating the structural and functional organizations of the brain. A recent proposal uses the hologram as a model for spatial representation in the brain. 
1921  The first meeting of the American Vocational Guidance Association was held. The organization eventually became the American Association of Guidance and Development. 
1929  Jerome Kagan was born. Kagan's research in human development focused on studies of personality, self-concept, and cognitive organization. His books Birth to Maturity (1962, with Howard Moss), Change and Continuity in Infancy (1971), and The Nature of the Child (1984) report his findings. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1987. 
1937  The Journal of Consulting Psychology was first published by the Association of Consulting Psychologists (ACP), with Johnnie P. Symonds serving as editor. The APA acquired the journal in 1946 in a merger with the American Association for Applied Psychology, successor to the ACP. In 1968, the name of the journal became the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
1966  Edward T. Hall's book The Hidden Dimension was published. The book described the effects of personal space on interpersonal behavior. 
1975  The antipsychotic drug Loxitane (loxapine; Lederle Laboratories) was approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Loxitane was the first of the dibenzoxazepine class of antipsychotic drugs. 



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