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December 6

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1866  The first state mental hospital in Minnesota, St. Peter State Hospital, opened for patients.  The hospital was founded by the legislature on March 2, 1866 and opened in a temporary building in St. Peter until a permanent hospital was built on the outskirts of the town.  Before this time, patients under Minnesota state care were treated in hospitals in Iowa and Missouri.  The facility is now named St. Peter Regional Treatment Center. 
1916  The New York Psychiatric Society appointed a committee on the activities of psychologists.  The committee's later report urged disapproval of psychologists judging the mental condition of sick, defective, or otherwise abnormal persons" and disapproval of "the application of psychology to responsible clinical work except...under the direct supervision of physicians."" 
1933  Logan Wright was born.  Wright is a clinical psychologist with a long record of advocacy for improvements in professional standards of education in psychology and legislation affecting professional psychology.  APA President, 1986. 
1946  The Oklahoma Psychological Association was founded.  John Rohrer was the acting president at the founding meeting. 
1962  The first Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Foundation Awards for work in mental retardation were announced.  Winners were the National Association for Retarded Children, Samuel Kirk, Ivar Folling, Murray Barr, Joe Hin Tijo, and Jerome Lejeune. 
1966  Lafayette R. (L. Ron) Hubbard patented a device for measuring and indicating changes in resistance of a living body "that isused supposedly to measure personal psychological adjustment in Hubbard's pseudotherapeutic system called dianetics." 



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